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oriental dance / bellydance

Belly button is our connection to the universe. Our belly is the center of life energy. The roots of oriental dance is furtility and ritual dance. The movements have approaches that contains essences of the nature, such as storms, waves, winds, trees, fire and earthquake.

Oriental dance, also, strengthen innards and the rarely used muscles, as well as relaxes the joints with soft and gentle moves. This is why oriental dance one of the most healthiest dances. It also strengthens the uterus, lowers the period-related-aches, delays the menopause. It provides an esthetical view to the body.

about me and dance

I’ve been into theater and dance from the childhood. I was born in Switzerland, Zurich which helped me to have lessons from great jazz and modern dance teachers. Zurich, due to its international nature, also eased to reach people with roots of African and Latin to have lessons about these ethnic dances. I have received oriental dance teacher certificate from Zurich Zeot Oriental Dance Academy which specialized with Egyptian Oriental Dance, and started performances and giving lessons. I started to visit Istanbul frequently to seek deeper knowledge of dance. Then, I started to work with “Baba Zula” which has a similiar philosophy that aims to be a bridge between east and west. I have learnt a lot from the cultural mix of Istanbul which contains Balkanians, Romanians, Greeks, and a lot more and this knowledge has reflected to my dance.

I started to know Sirtaki and various of Greek folkloric dances…
It needed years to learn about Turkish Gypsy dances…
Alewi and Sufi mystical ritual dances taught me how to dance with the heart.
My great interest in mystic dances brought me to India. The knowledge about classical Indian Dance and Indian Gypsy Dance I researched, influenced my dance with a great impact.

I do tell stories while I am dancing…
I do pray.
I do unify with the universe.
I do find myself in the whole, I do find the whole.
I do dance.