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spring dance

We are the reflection of the macrocosm as we are inherit to the microcosm.
Some movements can help us pass to the awareness of inner world from the outer world.
As I came from soil.
The tree that comes from the soil, is just like me.
Like the tree that curves itself towards the sun and dances with its branches as the wind blows.
Like the leaves that return to the ground, as another leaf falls to the soil.
As a fledgling opens its wings and prepares itself to fly for the first time.

As this bird flies with the wind and glides over the seas and oceans.
The lightness of the air is like the lightness of the form we take.

In the lightness of the air, there are atoms, electrons that surround the atom and vibrations in the nuclear.
As the world revolves the same way around itself and the solar system.

We face the infinite as we exit the solar system that infinity is actually the balance.
Like the yin and yang.
Like darkness and light.
Like the sky and the soil.
Like women and men.

Like the life that forms itself from a woman and a man.

The woman is connected to the world through her belly button and the child is attached to her from his/her belly button.

Like the inner earthquake a woman goes through when she gives birth and her preparation to re-new herself.
Like the child passing through a tunnel during birth.
Like a tornado or a storm destroyes everything.

As the ground shakes,
We re-create ourselves in the new world as we dissolve.
With the current of a new energy we are one with life and after we unite/this oneness, there is serenity.