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Performances with turkish music group Baba Zula

about me, dance and performance

I’ve been into theater and dance from the childhood. I was born in Switzerland, Zurich which helped me to have lessons from great jazz and modern dance teachers. Zurich, due to its international nature, also eased to reach people with roots of African and Latin to have lessons about these ethnic dances. I have received oriental dance teacher certificate from Zurich Zeot Oriental Dance Academy which specialized with Egyptian Oriental Dance, and started performances and giving lessons. I started to visit Istanbul frequently to seek deeper knowledge of dance. Then, I started to work with “Baba Zula” which has a similiar philosophy that aims to be a bridge between east and west. I have learnt a lot from the cultural mix of Istanbul which contains Balkanians, Romanians, Greeks, and a lot more and this knowledge has reflected to my dance.

I have been inspired by Istanbul where cultures meet, and it colored up my dance style. Warm-up moves are influenced by folkloric Balkan and Greek dances. The passion of Turkish oriental rthyms and the dance of mystic ritualic dances which is flowed from the heart are combined for the choreography lessons which includes oriental, tribal and mystic dances.